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ENG 1050 - Introduction to College Writing

E-books FAQs

What is an e-book?

Quite simply, an e-book is a electronic copy of a book.  Sometimes e-books are literal copies of the print book and other times the e-books offer additional functionality.

How do I find e-books?

1) Try the library's catalog.  It is a good bet bet to find books - both print as well as electronic ones.

2)  Many library databases include Ebooks. Try an ebook collection -- see box below with lots of suggestions.

3)  Finally, MACKsearch contains ebooks.  Search in there.

*If you try all these steps and still can't find an ebook on your topic, connect with a McQuade Librarian!  They will be happy to help you find one.

How are e-books accessed?

All e-books can be browsed online and many can be downloaded for offline use.

Can I use e-books when I'm not on campus?

Just search the catalog or use the links to particular collections on our database page.  You will be prompted to provide your Merrimack username and password.


1. Select CATALOG under "Quick Links" on library website.

2. Limit the format to E-book using the format dropdown (see screenshot below).

3. Click on the title of an e-book you would like to access.

4. Find and then click on the green "Access for Merrimack College" link that appears below the e-book's description.

Search for Ebooks in McQuade's Online Catalog:

Change the format type to "E-book" to only view Ebooks.

  • Ebooks cannot be borrowed from other libraries, so make sure the ebook title you find has a green "Access for Merrimack College" link :


Click on the "Access for Merrimack College" link to gain access to the ebook.  If you are off campus, you will get an authentication page that asks for a username and password (same as your Merrimack email credentials)


Do not panic if you can't find an ebook in our catalog.  Try one of the collections below!


Search for Ebooks in MACKsearch:

Run a search.  Find "Source Type" limiter on left-side menu and select "eBooks."  Click "update."  Now you have a list of ebooks relating to your topic to review.

For questions or feedback contact the McQuade Library
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