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COM 1020 - Public Communication (Cullinan)


This guide was created for you in an effort to help you find credible, scholarly resources for your COM1020 course assignments. The information contained in this guide will directly relate to you work in COM1020. Use the tabs on the side to locate the information you need.  If you don't find what you are looking for or need help navigating this guide, don't hesitate to contact a McQuade Librarian. 

Getting to Know McQuade

Remote Access

If you are logging in with your Merrimack College credentials and you are having trouble accessing databases or other library resources off campus, try these fixes (in no particular order): clear cookies, clear browsing history, clear cache, change browser (use Chrome), update browser, and restart computer. Also try updating your popup and redirects settings to allow: [*.]noblenet.

COM1020 Goals

  • Learn how to access and navigate your course research guide
  • Learn how to contact a librarian and make an appointment for a research consultation
  • Determine which library resources best meet your research needs
  • Learn how to develop an effective search in order to gather information suitable for college-level research
  • Learn how to evaluate sources of information

Selected Library Search Tools for COM1020


Think of MackSearch like Google, but created specifically for McQuade- easy searching but with more credible results. MackSearch does a combination search of the NOBLE Catalog as well as most of our databases, so typically you'll get a lot a results back. This can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but fortunately, you have several options to refine and limit your results list to find exactly what you're looking for. In MackSearch you'll find books, e-books, journal articles, streaming media, news briefs, and more.      

NOBLE Catalog

Use the NOBLE Catalog to find books, e-books, dvds, and streaming videos from McQuade, as well as the 26 other libraries in our consortium (NOBLE). If another library has something you want, request it through interlibrary loan (ILL) at no charge and pick it up at the Help Desk on the first floor when it arrives.

Communication & Mass Media Complete 

Communication and Mass Media Complete (CMMC) is a robust communication studies database. It provides full-text, indexing and abstracts for many top communication journals covering all related disciplines, including media studies, linguistics, rhetoric, and discourse. 

Communications & Mass Media Collection 

Communications and Mass Media Collection brings together information found in more than 400 journals. Find nearly 3 million articles on all aspects of the communications field, including advertising, public relations, linguistics, and literature.


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