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NOBLE Catalog

NOBLE Catalog

Use the NOBLE Catalog to find books, e-books, dvds, and streaming videos from McQuade, as well as the 26 other libraries in our consortium (NOBLE). If another library has something you want, request it through interlibrary loan (ILL) at no charge and pick it up at the Help Desk on the first floor when it arrives. 

Browse the Stacks

The library uses the Library of Congress Classification system to organize books in the stacks by subject. Because books are organized by subject, you can browse the stacks and find books on the same topic shelved together.

At McQuade, call numbers A-H are located on the 2nd floor & J-Z are located on the lower level.

Subject Call Number
History of France DC1 - DC947
History of Italy DG11 - DG999
History of Spain DP1 - DP402
History of Portugal DP501 - DP900.22
History of French America F1170
History of Latin America. Spanish America F1201 - F3799
History of Latin America. Spanish America -- Mexico F1201 - F1392
History of Latin America. Spanish America -- Latin America (General) F1401 - F1419
History of Latin America. Spanish America -- Central America F1421 - F1440
History of Latin America. Spanish America -- West Indies F1601 - F1629
History of Latin America. Spanish America -- Caribbean area. Caribbean Sea F2155 - F2191
History of Latin America. Spanish America -- South America F2201 - F3799
Sociology HM1 - HM1281
Romanic languages (Romance) PC1- PC5498
Romance -- General PC1 - PC400
Romance -- Romanian PC601 - PC872
Romance -- Raeto-Romance, including Romansh PC901 - PC986
Romance -- Italian PC1001 - PC1977
Romance -- Sardinian PC1981 - PC1984
Romance -- French PC2001 - PC3761
Romance -- Catalan PC3801 - PC3976
Romance -- Spanish PC4001 - PC4977
Romance -- Portuguese PC5001 - PC5498
Literature -- Literary History -- Romance literature PN801 - PN820
French literature PQ1 - PQ3999
French literature -- History and criticism PQ1 - PQ771
French literature -- Folk literature PQ781 -PQ841
French literature -- Juvenile literature PQ845
French literature -- Collections PQ1100 - PQ1297
French literature -- Old French literature PQ1300 - PQ1595
French literature -- Modern literature PQ1600 - PQ2726
French literature -- Provincial, local, colonial, etc. PQ3800 - PQ3999
Italian literature PQ4001 - PQ5999
Italian literature -- History and criticism PQ4001 - PQ4199.5
Italian literature -- Collections PQ4201 - PQ4263
Italian literature -- Individual authors and works to 1400 PQ4265 - PQ4556
Italian literature -- Individual authors, 1400-1700 PQ4561 - PQ4664
Italian literature -- Individual authors, 1701-1900 PQ4675 - PQ4734
Italian literature -- Individual authors, 1900-1960 PQ4800 - PQ4851
Italian literature -- Individual authors, 1961-2000 PQ4860 - PQ4886
Italian literature -- Individual authors, 2001- PQ4900 - PQ4926
Italian literature --Regional, provincial, local, etc. PQ5901 - PQ5999
Spanish literature PQ6001 - PQ8929
Spanish literature -- History and criticism PQ6001 - PQ6168
Spanish literature -- Collections PQ6170 - PQ6269
Spanish literature -- Individual authors and works to 1700 PQ6271 - PQ6498
Spanish literature -- Individual authors, 1700-ca. 1868 PQ6500 - PQ6576
Spanish literature -- Individual authors, 1868-1960 PQ6600 - PQ6647
Spanish literature -- Individual authors, 1961-2000 PQ6650 - PQ6676
Spanish literature -- Individual authors, 2001- PQ6700 - PQ6726
Spanish literature -- Provincial, local, colonial, etc. PQ7000 - PQ8929
Portuguese literature -- PQ9000 - PQ9999
Portuguese literature -- History and criticism PQ9000 - PQ9129
Portuguese literature -- Collections PQ9131 - PQ9188
Portuguese literature -- Individual authors and works to 1500 PQ9189
Portuguese literature -- Individual authors and works, 1500-1700 PQ9191 - PQ9255
Portuguese literature -- Individual authors, 1701-1960 PQ9261
Portuguese literature -- Individual authors, 1961-2000 PQ9262 - PQ9288
Portuguese literature -- Individual authors, 2001- PQ9300 - PQ9326
Portuguese literature --Provincial, local, colonial, etc. PQ9400 - PQ9999
Brazil PQ9500 - PQ9698.436