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World History

Evergreen Merrimack box

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The library uses the Library of Congress Classification system to organize books in the stacks by subject. This means that it is easy to browse the stacks once you know the subject heading and call number associated with your topic.

At McQuade, call numbers A-H are located on the 2nd floor & J-Z are located on the lower level

Subject Call Number
History (General) D1 - D2027
History (General) -- Ancient history D51 - D90
History (General) -- Medieval and modern history, 476- D101 - D110.5
History (General) -- Medieval D111 - D203
History (General) -- Modern, 1453- D204 - D475
History of Great Britain DA1 - DA995
History of Great Britain -- British Empire DA10 - DA18.2
History of Great Britain -- England DA20 - DA690
History of Great Britain -- Wales DA700 - DA745
History of Great Britain -- Scotland DA750 - DA890
History of Great Britain -- Ireland DA900 -DA995
History of Central Europe DAW1001 - DAW 1051
History of Austria. Liechtenstein. Hungary. Czechoslovakia DB1 - DB3150
History of Austria. Liechtenstein. Hungary. Czechoslovakia -- Austria. Austro-Hungarian Empire DB1 - DB879
History of Austria. Liechtenstein. Hungary. Czechoslovakia -- Liechtenstein DB881 - DB898
History of Austria. Liechtenstein. Hungary. Czechoslovakia -- Hungary DB901 - DB999
History of Austria. Liechtenstein. Hungary. Czechoslovakia -- Czechoslovakia DB2000 - DB3150
 History of France   DC1 - DC947
History of France -- Early and medieval to 1515 DC60 - DC109
History of France -- Modern, 1515- DC110 - DC443
History of France -- Local history and description DC600 - DC801
History of France -- Andorra DC921 - DC930
History of France -- Monaco DC941 - DC947
History of Germany DD1 - DD905
History of Germany -- Earliest to 481 DD121 - DD124
History of Germany -- Early and medieval to 1519 DD125 - DD174.6
History of Germany -- Modern, 1519- DD175 - DD257.4
History of Germany -- West Germany DD258 - DD262
History of Germany -- East Germany DD280 - DD289.5
History of Germany -- Prussia DD301 - DD454
History of Germany -- Local history and description DD701 - DD901
History of the Greco-Roman world DE1 - DE100
History of Greece DF10 - DF951
History of Greece -- Ancient Greece DF10 - DF289
History of Greece -- Medieval Greece. Byzantine Empire, 323-1453 DF501 - DF649
History of Greece -- Modern Greece DF701 - DF894
History of Greece -- Local history and description DF895 - DF951
History of Italy DG11 - DG999
History of Italy -- Ancient Italy. Rome to 476 DG11 - DG365
History of Italy -- Medieval and modern Italy, 476- DG401 - DG538.8
History of Italy --Northern Italy DG600 - DG684.72
History of Italy -- Central Italy DG691 - DG817.3
History of Italy -- Southern Italy DG819 - DG875
History of Italy -- Other cities (non-metropolitan), provinces, etc., A-Z DG975
History of Italy -- Malta. Maltese Islands DG987 - DG999
History of Low Countries. Benelux Countries DH1 - DH925
History of Low Countries. Benelux Countries -- Belgium DH401 - DH811
History of Low Countries. Benelux Countries -- Luxembourg DH901 - DH925
History of Netherlands (Holland) DJ1 -DJ500
History of Netherlands (Holland) -- Early and medieval to 1555 DJ151 - DJ152
History of Netherlands (Holland) -- 1555-1795. United provinces DJ154 - DJ210
History of Netherlands (Holland) -- 1795-1806. Batavian Republic DJ211
History of Netherlands (Holland) --19th-20th centuries DJ215 - DJ292
History of Netherlands (Holland) -- Local history and description DJ401 - DJ411
History of Eastern Europe (General) DJK1 -DJK77
History of Eastern Europe (General) -- Slavic peoples (General) DJK27
History of Eastern Europe (General) -- Local history and description DJK61 - DJK77
History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics DK1 -DK949.5
History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics -- Early to 1613 DK70 - DK112.42
History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics -- House of Romanov, 1613-1917 DK112.8 - DK264.8
History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics -- Revolution, 1917-1921 DK265 - DK265.95
History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics -- Soviet regime, 1918-1991 DK266 - DK292
History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics -- 1991- DK293
History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics -- Local history and description DK501 - DK949.5
History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics -- History of Poland DK4010 - DK4800
History of Northern Europe. Scandinavia DL1 - DL1180
History of Northern Europe. Scandinavia -- Earliest to 1387. Scandinavian Empire. Northmen. Vikings DL61 -DL65
History of Northern Europe. Scandinavia -- 1387-1900 DL75 - DL81
History of Northern Europe. Scandinavia -- 1900-. Period of World War I, 1914-1918 DL83 - DL87
History of Northern Europe. Scandinavia -- Denmark DL101 - DL291
History of Northern Europe. Scandinavia --Iceland DL301 - DL398
History of Northern Europe. Scandinavia -- Norway DL401 - DL596
History of Northern Europe. Scandinavia -- Sweden DL601 - DL991
History of Northern Europe. Scandinavia -- Finland DL1002 - DL1180
History of Spain DP1 - DP402
History of Spain -- Earliest to 711 DP91 - DP96
History of Spain -- 711-1516. Moorish domination and the Reconquest DP97.3 - DP160.8
History of Spain -- Modern Spain, 1479/1516- DP161 - DP272.4
History of Spain -- Local history and description DP285 - DP402
History of Portugal DP501 - DP900.22
History of Portugal -- Early and medieval to 1580 DP558 - DP618
History of Portugal -- 1580- DP620 - DP682.2
History of Portugal -- Local history and description DP702 - DP802
History of Switzerland DQ1 -DQ851
History of Switzerland -- Early and medieval to 1516 DQ78 -DQ110
History of Switzerland -- 1516-1798 DQ111 - DQ123
History of Switzerland -- 19th century DQ124 - DQ191
History of Switzerland -- 20th century DQ201 - DQ210
History of Switzerland -- Local history and description DQ310 - DQ851
History of Balkan Peninsula DR1 - DR2285
History of Balkan Peninsula -- History. Balkan War, 1912-1913 DR32 - DR48.5
History of Balkan Peninsula -- Thrace DR50 - DR50.84
History of Balkan Peninsula -- Bulgaria DR51 - DR98
History of Balkan Peninsula -- Romania DR201 - DR296
History of Balkan Peninsula -- Turkey DR401 - DR741
History of Balkan Peninsula -- Albania DR901 - DR998
History of Balkan Peninsula -- Yugoslavia DR1202 - DR2285
History of Asia DS1 - DS937
History of Asia -- The Islamic World DS35.3 - DS35.77
History of Asia -- Arab countries DS36 - DS39.2
History of Asia -- Middle East. Southwestern Asia. Ancient Orient. Arab East. Near East DS41 - DS66
History of Asia -- Iraq (Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia) DS67 - DS79.9
History of Asia -- Lebanon (Phenicia) DS80 - DS90
History of Asia -- Syria DS92 - DS99
History of Asia -- Israel (Palestine). The Jews DS101 - DS151
History of Asia -- Jordan. Transjordan DS153 - DS154.9
History of Asia -- Asia Minor DS155 - DS156
History of Asia -- Armenia DS161 - DS195.5
History of Asia -- Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia DS201 - DS248
History of Asia -- Iran (Persia) DS251 - DS326
History of Asia -- Central Asia DS327 - DS329.4
History of Asia -- Southern Asia. Indian Ocean Region DS331 - DS349.9
History of Asia -- Afghanistan DS350 - DS275
History of Asia -- Pakistan DS376 - DS392.2
History of Asia -- Bangladesh. East Pakistan DS393 - DS396.9
History of Asia -- India (Bharat) DS401 - DS486.8
History of Asia -- Sri Lanka DS488 - DS490
History of Asia -- Bhutan DS491 - DS492.9
History of Asia -- Nepal DS493 - DS495.8
History of Asia -- Goa. Portuguese in India DS498 - DS498.8
History of Asia -- East Asia. The Far East DS501 - DS518.9
History of Asia -- Southeast Asia. Burma, French Indochina, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Annam, North Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Malay Archipelago, Singapore, Indonesia (Dutch East Indies), Brunei, Philippines DS520 - DS689
History of Asia -- China DS701 - DS799.9
History of Asia -- Japan DS801 - DS897
History of Asia -- Korea DS901 - DS937
History of Africa DT1 - DT3415
History of Africa -- Ebypt DT43 - DT154
History of Africa -- Sudan. Anglo-Egyptian Sudan DT154.1 - DT159.9
History of Africa -- North Africa DT160 - DT177
History of Africa -- Northwest Africa DT179.2 - DT179.9
History of Africa -- Maghrib. Barbary States. Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sahara DT181 - DT346
History of Africa -- Central Sub-Saharan Africa DT348 - DT363.3
History of Africa -- Eastern Africa. Northeast Africa DT365 - DT469
History of Africa -- West Africa. West Coast. DT470 - DT671
History of Africa -- Southern Africa DT1001 - DT1190
History of Africa -- Angola DT1251 - DT1465
History of Africa -- Namibia. South-West Africa DT1501 - DT1685
History of Africa -- South Africa DT1701 - DT2405
History of Africa -- Botswana. Bechuanaland DT2421 - DT2525
History of Africa -- Lesotho. Basutoland DT2541 - DT2686
History of Africa -- Swaziland DT2701 - DT2825
History of Africa -- British Central Africa. Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland DT2831 - DT2864
History of Africa -- Zimbabwe. Southern Rhodesia DT2871 - DT3025
History of Africa -- Zambia. Northern Rhodesia DT3031 - DT3145
History of Africa -- Malawi. Nyasaland DT3161 - DT3257
History of Africa -- Mozambique DT3291 - DT3415
History of Oceania (South Seas) DU1 - DU950
History of Oceania (South Seas) -- Australia DU80 -DU398
History of Oceania (South Seas) -- New Zealand DU400 - DU430
History of Oceania (South Seas) -- Melanesia (General) DU490
History of Oceania (South Seas) -- Micronesia (General) DU500
History of Oceania (South Seas) -- Polynesia (General) DU510
History of Oceania (South Seas) -- Smaller island groups. Hawaii, New Guinea, Samoan Islands DU520 - DU950
History of Romanies DX101- DX301