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Streaming Media

How to find and use streaming media for your teaching, learning, and research needs.


Kanopy Icon

Kanopy provides access to more than 30 licensed streaming videos for use in your classroom or assigned viewing. Additional titles from the Kanopy library can be requested through Merrimack's Kanopy streaming site. Kanopy is a distributor of films from BBD, PBS, Media Education Foundation and many other production companies and independent filmmakers. The Kanopy collection consists of documentaries and educational videos in the following subject areas; the arts, business, education (K-12), global studies and languages, health, media & communications, sciences, social sciences and technical training. In addition, there are 64 languages represented in the collection. Videos can be clipped and transcripts are provided.

Accessing Kanopy on iPad

  1. Download the Kanopy app from the App Store.

  2. Open the app and press “Get Started”

  3. Press “Find University” under “Are you a student or professor?”

  4. Search “Merrimack College”

  5. Add your university login by pressing “Next” and using your Merrimack credentials (last name, first initial & email password) on the login page.

  6. Create Your Account: Sign up with Google (using your Merrimack email).

  7. You should receive a confirmation email. Please confirm this before using the app to watch a film.

  8. To find a film, press “Search” in the bottom middle of the screen and type the title into the search bar.

Browsing Kanopy Titles

From the Kanopy interface at you can browse films by subject using the drop-down menu, or use the search box to perform a search using your search terms. A keyword search will display a list of  titles based on relevance, and title searches can also be used. For more information on searching, sharing, embedding, and closed captions, please visit the Kanopy Help Pages.

Request a Kanopy Film for Course Use

If you are in the Kanopy interface and the title you want is not available, you will see "This film is not available at your institution yet" and a request form. Please fill out the request form which will be forwarded to McQuade.
Faculty can request a Kanopy film by contacting their liaison too. We will then work to make sure the film is licensed in time for the assignment and/or that a currently licensed title is not about to expire.
Please note: Kanopy films specifically are licensed for one year. If faculty members will use a film beyond this time period, they must make a new media request for the title prior to the semester they plan to use the film in order to ensure that it is licensed again. Or, please let us know how long you plan to use the film for and we can investigate extended licensing options. Please give Library staff ample lead-time to fulfill requests for streaming media.


Many Kanopy films have  interactive captions. When captions are available a "CC" button appears next to the film's title. Once you click "play" you will see options for turning the captions on or off near the closed captions icon, on the lower right side of the viewer.




Films that do not yet have captions will have the "CC" icon crossed out to indicate that captions are not available. In these cases, you can place a "captions request" for films that do not yet have captions. To do so, click on the crossed out "CC" icon and a request form will appear.


Transcripts are available for many, but not all, Kanopy films. To launch transcripts, hover over the "More" button in the panel underneath the video player. 


How to Embed in Kanopy: VIDEO

Penfield Library presents a video on how to embed Kanopy videos into Blackboard.

How To Embed a Kanopy Film into Blackboard

You can embed clips, or an entire film, into a course space using the sharing tools found under each Kanopy film. (If embedding is problematic you can alternatively provide the students with the link (node) to the film using the "share" option).
Under each film you will see a "Share/Embed" option:

The default option is the "Share" link, but choose the "Embed" tab. Copy the HTML code that appears in the box below the tab:

Next, follow these steps:
  • Go to Blackboard, log in, and select a course.
  • Select a module, or folder, and then select the "Build Content" drop down menu.
  • Create an item, or blank page.
  • Name the item, or blank page, and select "HTML".
  • Paste the HTML code in the "HTML Code View" box.
  • Select "Update"
  • Select "Submit"

Logging into

Kanopy has different steps for Merrimack users connecting to our site.
If your link takes you to a specific film, you will click Watch Now which takes you to Step 3.

Step 1.  From off-campus, may show you this page  below- 
Step 2.  Click the red bar Log in to Merrimack

Kanopy's connecting page for Merrimack


Step 3: Again click the red bar:


Step 4. The next screen shows a small version of our usual login page. 
Here you enter your Merrimack username/password, OR your Merrimack/NOBLE barcode/password.

Merrimack/McQuade Library login page


When you Login, you should be taken to Merrimack's Kanopy page.
Merrimack's titles may expand or narrow over the year according to course needs.

Merrimack's Kanopy page in February 2020.

If you started with a link to a specific film such as this one below,
clicking  Watch Now  takes you to Step 3 above and then Step 4.

Watch Now screen for Including Samuel - click Watch Now to get to login.