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Social Studies & Geography Education

Standards & Benchmarks

Science Education Standards and Benchmarks


National Research Council - Education page

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

- A Framework for K-12 Science Education

The framework identifies the key scientific ideas and practices all students should learn by the end of high school. It will serve as the foundation for new K-12 science education standards, which will be developed by a group of states to replace standards issued more than a decade ago.

National Science Education Standards (1996)

AAAS Benchmarks for Science Literacy

Benchmarks Online

National Common Core Standards - Literacy & Math

Common Core State Standards Initiative (Federal Standards)

- Mathematics Standards

- English Language Arts Standards

Massachusetts Common Core Standards and Frameworks

Massachusetts Common Core Standards Initiative and Frameworks
- Curriculum Framework for English Language Arts and Literacy 2017
- Curriculum Framework for Mathematics 2017
- Curriculum Framework for Science and Technology/Engineering (2016)
- Curriculum Framework for History and Social Science
- Curriculum Framework for the Arts
- Complete list of MA Curriculum Frameworks

Massachusetts Department of Education
- Early Childhood Program Standards for Three and Four Year Olds
- Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences

Professional Organizations that support STEM education

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
National Science Teachers Association
K-12 & Pre-College Engineering Division of the American Society for Engineering Education
International Society for Teaching in Education (ISTE)

Data & Reports: Science

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