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Pivot - Funding Sources

Ways to Share Funding Opportunities

Pivot allows you to share individual funding opportunities with other users and non-users. Non-users have access to the funding opp for 14 days. Pivot users have access to the funding opp indefinitely (as long as it is still available in Pivot).

You can do so from a few places:

1.     From the results page: After running a funding search, you can mark one or more opps (by checking off the check box to the left of the opp title). You’ll then see an option at the top of the results list to Share

2.     From within the record: When you click on any of the opp titles on the results page, you’ll be taken to the record itself where you’ll see an option to Share on the right side of the page. 

3.     From your own Tracked or Active list: After logging into Pivot you can Share opps from your own tracked list. Just as with the results page, click the box to the left of the opp title.

4.     From your Saved Searches area: On your Pivot homepage you can go to your Saved Searches area where you'll see an "Options" menu. Click the dropdown arrow and choose Share.


In all situations, the sharing mechanism behaves the same. When you choose to share an opp or search, a light box appears where there are a few items to fill out:

  • Recipients:  Enter in the name of the first person with whom you’d like to share the Funding Opp(s). As you type, Pivot will attempt to find a name match at your institution. If the match appears, just click on the name. If no match appears, simply type in the email address. To add another name or email, press the Tab key and type in the new name/email address. You can also select a pre-defined group as your recipients by clicking on Select group. Or you can create a new group from the names entered in the Recipients field by by clicking Save names as new group and entering a group name.
  • Message: Use the text box below the email fields to type in a personalized message that your recipients will see.
  • Click the box labeled Let each recipient see who else received this if you want to display for each recipient who the other recipients are. Click the Send button at the bottom of the box and a confirmation screen will appear to let you know your opps have been shared.


More information on the Share Funding Opportunities can be found here.