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Capital IQ (S&P)

Capital IQ S&P Global

What is Capital IQ - S&P Global?

  • Note: Only available on Mucci Capital Markets Lab workstations (Crowe) and on the Library workstations outside the Research Center (2nd floor).
  • Provides more analysis features and data sources than Capital IQ NetAdvantage.
  • Provides financial data, analytics, and research on companies, markets, and people worldwide with tools for analysis, idea generation, and workflow management.
  • Offers MS Excel plug-in for seamless creation of financial models and spreadsheets.

How to guides for using Capital IQ - S&P Global

What if I still need help using Capital IQ NetAdvantage?

  • Reach out to a Librarian for help. Visit our Ask a Librarian page for contact information
For questions or feedback contact the McQuade Library
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