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Educational & Psychological Tests

Assessment Tests for Education & Psychology

Educational & Psychological Test Guidelines

The Test Collection is intended to support coursework in education and psychology. This collection is selective and is for examination rather than administration of the tests. The collection is circulated to Merrimack College faculty, but is not available for borrowing by other users. Some tests are restricted to in-house use due to publishers' restrictions.

Note: When McQuade Library purchases a test, we agree to abide by the publisher’s rules that protect the integrity of the test.


1.  In some cases only the authorized instructors and students may use or check out Educational and Psychological Tests.


2.  Tests are kept in a restricted area and will be obtained by a library staff member (not student workers) who will check the user’s library card against the posted list of authorized users.


3.  A few tests with no storage restrictions, may be placed on course reserve.  The procedure stated in item 2 will apply.


4.  The Weschler Intelligence test for Children (WISC) may be checked-out only by the Instructor.  Students are not allowed to check out this test.


5.  All tests are part of ERC reserves collection and are housed in the Research Center (2nd floor, McQuade Library).  Majority of test users are faculty members who reach out to library staff members in advance to reserve specific test.  If users search catalog, they will see note “must see McQuade Librarian for access.” Accessing tests is dependent on librarian availability.  


6.  Tests may be checked out for 14 days and can be renewed if there are no holds.  Checked-out tests must be returned to the McQuade Library’s Help Desk.  Student workers at the desk should check to make sure all items listed on the container are returned.


7. Test materials may not be photocopied.  To reproduce or adapt them, in whole or in part, for any purpose whatsoever, by any means, including photocopying, reprinting, or any form of computer storage or programming is not only a violation of copyright law, but is unethical and unprofessional.

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