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PSY 1100 - Psychological Inquiry and Methodology (Hardway)

PSY1100 Goals

Session One

Learn how to access and navigate your course research guide

Learn how to contact a librarian and make an appointment for a research consultation

Determine which library resources best meet your research needs

Learn how to develop an effective search in order to gather information suitable for college-level research

Session Two

Open Lab

Welcome to McQuade!

This guide was created for you in an effort to help you find credible, scholarly resources for your PSY1100 course assignments. The information contained in this guide will directly relate to you work in PSY100. Use the tabs on the side to locate the information you need.  If you don't find what you are looking for or need help navigating this guide, don't hesitate to contact a McQuade Librarian. 

Getting to Know McQuade

Quick Links

If you are logging in with your Merrimack College credentials and you are having trouble accessing databases or other library resources off campus, try these fixes (in no particular order): clear cookies, clear browsing history, clear cache, change browser (use Chrome), update browser, and restart computer. Also try updating your popup and redirects settings to allow: [*.]noblenet.