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How to use the Nexis Uni Database

What is a State Case?

State cases involve individual citizens and issues such as, robberies, traffic violations, broken contracts, and family disputes. These cases are tried in state courts, which have a broad jurisdiction. The only cases state courts are not allowed to hear are lawsuits against the United States and those involving certain specific federal laws: criminal, antitrust, bankruptcy, patent, copyright, and some maritime cases. 

State and local courts are established by a state (within states there are also local courts that are established by cities, counties, and other municipalities, which we are including in the general discussion of state courts).

State cases are a primary source.

How to Find a State Case

To find a state case:

  1. Begin on the Nexis Uni home page
  2. Under "What are you Interested In?" select "Cases"
  3. Under "Jurisdiction" select "State Cases"
  4. Under "...about" type in your search terms
  5. Under "All Dates" select a date range from drop down
  6. Click "Search"
  7. Narrow/limit your search using options in left panel

Searching for Federal and State Cases

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