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Mindful McQuade: Home

Mindful Initiatives at McQuade Library

Mindful Activities Led by Health Science Grad Students

Mindful McQuade
This fall McQuade is teaming up with Dr. Cynthia Ferrara in health sciences to bring student-run mindfulness programming to McQuade.  
Weekly Walks

Wednesdays at Noon

Meet in front of McQuade.

We’ll walk outside weather permitting or the Sak track if not.

Open to everyone!  


Weekly Mindful Activity (Meditation, Gentle Movement)

Wednesdays at 4:00 PM

Meet at McQuade Meditation Space (Lower Level)

Bringing Mindfulness to an Academic Library

Librarian C.J. Wong was interviewed by Michele Eberle about McQuade's Mindfulness Initiatives, check it out below:

Climate Preparedness Week

Climate Preparedness Week is September 24-30 and we have 2 events planned that week:
5-6pm The Climate Ribbon Project and Vegan Chili Bar | McQuade Library
6-7pm Eco Walk | starts from McQuade 
Join us in Shalom, Peace, Salaam, Shanti! Local faith leaders will speak at each stop, with reflections on caring for our campus, each other, and the Earth as we enter a new year together. RSVP appreciated.
September 26 (Thursday): Film Screening Empowered: Power from the People
7 PM McQuade Library
"Tompkins County, NY is one of the cloudiest, least windy places in the country, and yet its residents are proving that they can meet their energy needs through totally renewable resources. From solar and wind to biodiesel and geothermal, Empowered: Power from the People tells the story of one community’s role in the energy independence revolution."  
October 2 (Wednesday): Sneak-Peek Film Screening with Live Q and A with the film's creator: Fire and Flood:  Queer Resilience in the Era of Climate Change  7PM McQuade Library
"FIRE & FLOOD: QUEER RESILIENCE IN THE ERA OF CLIMATE CHANGE tells the story of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the fires in Santa Rosa, California, two-near simultaneous climate-related disasters in the fall of 2017, through the voices of LGBTQ people who lived through them and were part of the community response. The film explores the vulnerability of LGBTQ communities to climate disasters and also lifts up queer and trans strategies for resilience, transition, and survival.
"Fire and Flood" was piloted at the National LGBTQ Task Force's Creating Change Conference in January 2018, with positive feedback on the need for these stories in the LGBTQ movement"

Grad Student Studies McQuade's Exercise Bikes for Capstone

McQuade Library is very excited that Robyn Lebowitza graduate student in the Health and Wellness Management program, is working on her capstone project in the library on a survey about the new bikes in the library.  Robyn has worked in the fitness industry for 23 years gaining experience in health promotion and how to get people to take advantage of all the different ways to stay healthy in mind and body. As a seasoned personal trainer, she is passionate about teaching people how to better take care of themselves and we are very fortunate to have her on board!  The bikes may be moving around and she will be doing her survey in the spring semester. 



Mindful McQuade made possible by the Provost’s Innovation Fund!

Mindful McQuade is here to bring mindful practices to students right in the heart of our campus community: McQuade Library!  Check out the boxes below for programming and new resources available.

Bikes in the Library!

You can now take a quick break from studying by getting on an Expresso Bike at McQuade Library.  Expresso bikes have full immersive technology allowing you to mindfully take a break from the books and prime your brain for more study!  Check them out on the lower level and 2nd floors of McQuade Library!

Do you love plants? So do we!

McQuade Library is offering plants for residence halls and offices while supplies last.  Students and staff may stop by the Research Center to "check out" a plant.  There is no expectation that plants are returned, but plant parents are welcome to drop their plant back at the Research Center during extended breaks or summer vacation.  The plants are offspring or cuttings from current Research Center residents and were potted in recycled mugs.


Mindful Magazine: Read Online

Mindful Magazine is available on Flipster.

Image result for mindful magazine

Mindful Kits!

Librarian Kadie Turcotte put together a variety of mindful kits, which are now available for checkout! Each of the kits focuses on a different aspect of mindfulness, allowing the user the opportunity to be exposed to various relaxation practices. The themes presented in the kits include: bird watching, chakra, meditation, gardening, sound healing, creative healing, and yoga.

There are three bird watching kits available which include a set of binoculars, a Sibley field guide, and a laminated pamphlet of birds in Massachusetts. In the chakra kit, you’ll find several stones and crystals, chakra flags, a stress ball, an introduction to chakra book, and two chakra music CDs, while in the meditation kit you’ll find a sound machine, baoding balls, a finger labyrinth, a book on meditation, and four meditation CDs. The gardening kit is comprised of small tools such as a trowel, pruners, cultivator, and transplanter, as well as gloves, a book on gardening, and three nature themed music CDs. The sound healing kit includes a small singing bowl with base, a rain stick, a handmade in America energy chime, a stress ball, three sound healing music CDs, and two books (one pertaining to sound healing and one as an introduction to using the singing bowl). In the creative healing kit you’ll find a zen water drawing board, colored pencils, a coloring book, affirmation cards, a stress ball, and two music CDs. Lastly, the yoga kit includes a mat, yoga brick and strap, three yoga music CDs, and The Yoga Bible.

The goal of the Mindful McQuade Kits is to encourage people to try different mindfulness practices that they may not otherwise have the chance to attempt. We really want to stress that mindfulness is for everyone and that there is no set stereotype when it comes to your health and well-being.

  • Bird Watching Kits available at the 1st Floor Help Desk
  • All other kits are available in the Research Center on the 2nd floor
  • All Kits checkout for two (2) weeks with one (1) renewal
  • Mindful McQuade Kits are available only to the Merrimack Community 

Weekly Walks and Mindful Activities Fall 2019

Mindful McQuade
This fall McQuade is teaming up with Dr. Cynthia Ferrara in health sciences to bring student-run mindfulness programming to McQuade.  
Weekly Walks

Wednesdays at Noon

Meet in front of McQuade.

We’ll walk outside weather permitting or the Sak track if not.

Open to everyone!  


Weekly Mindful Activity (Meditation, Gentle Movement)

Wednesdays at 4:00 PM

Meet at McQuade Meditation Space (Lower Level)

Open to everyone!

McQuade Hosts Environmental Movie Nights- Fall 2019

Sept 26 Empowered: Power From the People
Oct 2 Fire and Flood: Queer Resilience in the Era of Climate Change
Movies are in McQuade Auditorium at 7PM, Snacks Provided!

Mindful McQuade Featured in Recipes for Mindfulness in Your Library: Supporting Resilience and Community Engagement

Mindful McQuade Meditation Room

The Meditation Room is now open on the lower level of McQuade Library.  Feel free to drop into the space and into your meditation practice.  

Verilux HappyLight Liberty 10,000 LUX Natural Spectrum Energy Lamps Available for Check Out!


Feeling the need to take a breath and be more mindful?  Check out the following resources:

In Spring 2019 ESS Seniors Hosted a Climate Preparedness Cafe at a Local Library with their instructor C.J. Wong

Stress Reduction with Mindfulness - Stay Tuned For Upcoming Classes

Are you having sleep difficulty?

Do you find your mind is racing?

Do you have difficulty concentrating in class or on your assignments?

Are you looking to enhance and improve your well-being?

Participants will learn mindfulness and meditation to help calm and focus the mind.  Commitment to attend all 4 groups is recommended.  Pre-registration is required by emailing or phoning 978-837-5441.

Instructor: Jim Howland, Ed.D., LICSW, Hamel Health and Counseling

Location: McQuade Library Meditation Room Lower Level

Dates: TBA

Time: TBA

McQuade is excited that Dr. Howland is bringing his popular class to the library this semester!  Check out his podcasts here!



Empowered Breathing and Meditation for Anxiety and Stress Reduction - Stay tuned for updated schedule


Students will be led through varying Pranayam practice (specialized breathing sequences and techniques).

Using the breath as a focus can be a very simple way to calm the body and mind as well as connect the two. I teach various breathing practices designed to stimulate the parasympathetic system, countering the overstimulation our bodies and mind go through when in times of stress. Using the breath in this way allows energy to flow and move around the entire body. The effect can be energizing, relaxing and healing.

The focus will be on the following:

  • Workings of the brain in relation to stress
  • Our bodies and stress
  • Tools and strategies for managing stress
  • Mindfulness -what is it and how can it help us
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Breath Work as a Yoga

Students may like to bring a notebook and pen to record any experiences that may arise in class. Classes are 60 minutes.

Drop-ins Welcome, registration requested by emailing C.J. Wong, or phoning 978-837-5350.

Instructor: Danielle Federico

Danielle is skilled and trained to coach/teach Breathwork styles and principles. Danielle is a professional Life Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor and Breathwork Facilitator.

Location: McQuade Library Meditation Room Lower Level

Dates: check back for future classes