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HDE1000 Introduction to Human Development (Lafkas)


This guide was created to help you find credible, scholarly resources for your HDE 1000 assignments. The information contained in this guide will directly relate to you work in this class. Use the tabs on the side to locate the information you need. If you don't find what you're looking for, or need help navigating this guide, don't hesitate to contact a McQuade Librarian. Good luck with your research!

HDE 1000 Goals & Selected Resources

HDE 1000 Workshop Goals

1. Learn which library resource is most appropriate for your research

2. Learn to develop effective searches to gather information suitable for college-level research

3. Learn how to properly cite sources in APA format


Think of MackSearch like Google, but created specifically for McQuade- easy searching but with more credible results. MackSearch does a combination search of the NOBLE Catalog as well as most of our databases, so typically you'll get a lot a results back. This can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but fortunately, you have several options to refine and limit your results list to find exactly what you're looking for. In MackSearch you'll find books, e-books, journal articles, streaming media, news briefs, and more.      

APA PsycInfo

With more than 5,000,000 interdisciplinary bibliographic records, our database delivers targeted discovery of credible and comprehensive research across the full spectrum of behavioral and social sciences. This indispensable resource continues to enhance the discovery and usage of essential psychological research to support students, scientists, and educators. Search summaries of articles, chapters, books, dissertations and technical reports on psychology and psychological aspects of related disciplines from the health and social sciences including business, linquistics, and law.


ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) is an authoritative database of indexed and full-text education literature and resources. Sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education, it is an essential tool for education researchers of all kinds. ERIC contains records and links to hundreds of thousands of full-text documents. It includes records for a variety of source types, including journal articles, books, conference papers, curriculum guides, dissertations and policy papers. Further, researchers can limit search results by education level such as Early Childhood Education as well as on the intended audience such as Counselors or Teachers. ERIC also includes an education-specific thesaurus containing over 11,800 terms. 

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