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Canvas and Library Integration

Embed library resources into your Canvas courses!

What is it?

A persistent link is a URL that allows users to link directly to an online article, document, book, etc. and allows students to access McQuade Library's electronic subscriptions. 

Persistent links are also known as durable links, stable links, or permalinks. 

Persistent links can be placed within Canvas, course syllabi, and reading lists. 

Databases present persistent links to articles under many different labels, so look for any language that indicates permanance. Here are some common labels:

Persistent link/Permanent link/Permalink, e.g.     or  

Embed link, e.g.  

Direct link

Durable link

Copy link, e.g.  

Cite, e.g.    or  

Bookmark/Infomark, e.g.  ,  , or  

Why Should I use a Persistent Link?

  • Persistent links help databases keep track of how often and how many resources are downloaded. This helps librarians know what is important to you.
  • You can link to a resource and remain copyright compliant. Failure to follow copyright laws can result in fines for the department and college. 
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