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Wikipedia Beware

Wikipedia Strengths


  • "Wikiality"
    Citizen authored content – anyone can create or edit articles.
  • Strong in areas of popular culture, current affairs and science
    (see I Want My Wikipedia! article published in Library Journal)
  • "Self-correcting"
    Wikipedia is constantly improving, as Wikipedians can correct errors in seconds! 
    With time, articles seem to get better and better.
  • Convenient
  • Free
    Many other online encyclopedias are not.

    For more strengths see:

    Why Wikipedia is So Great

    (According to Wikipedia)

Wikipedia Weaknesses

  • "Wikiality"
    Are scholars or experts in the field writing and editing these entries? Take your chances. 
    Some wikipedia contributors have even faked their credentials!
  • Entries have errors
    Entries may be disorganized, have duplications, and be inconsistent.
    Take a look at the long list of Wikipedia articles needing factual verification.
    Wikipedia itself makes no guarantee of validity!
  • Not definitive
    Founder Jimmy Wales notes, “It’s good enough knowledge, depending on what your purpose is.”
  • A work in progress
    Wikipedia does not declare any of its articles to be "complete" or "finished."

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    Why Wikipedia is Not So Great 

    (According to Wikipedia)