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September Virtual Displays

This guide includes the following topics: Latinx Heritage Month, Banned Books Week, and Climate Preparation Week.


Jason Reynolds Named Honorary Chair of Banned Books Week 2021

To see the top 10 challenged book of each year, check out this list!

Fast Facts

Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2020

Reasons for challenges: This is a visual depicting the most common reasons for challenges where the largest words are: LGBTQIA+, Religious Viewpoint, Anti-racism, racist, profanity, Black Lives Matter, racial slurs, and political viewpoint.Censorship by the numbers: Books and Beyond: The ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom tracked 156 challenges in 2020. Here's the breakdown: 73% Books/graphic novels, 14% programs/meeting rooms, 3% social media, 2% displays/photos, 1% films, 7% other.  Censorship by the numbers: Where do challenges take place? 43% public libraries, 38% schools, 15% school libraries, 2% academia, 2% other.Censorship by the numbers: Who initiates challenges? 50% parents, 20% patrons, 11% board/administration, 9% political/religious group, 5% libraries/teachers