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Professional resources for marketing products and services.

University Reporter from GfK Mediamark - new site!

The University Reporter from GfK MRI (Mediamark Research & Intelligence) offers US demographic, lifestyle, product usage, and media data collected from surveys.  The data can be used to determine target markets and marketing plans.

The academic version of this resource is a subset of GfK's Survey of the American Consumer. MRI surveys annually more than 20,000 consumers throughout the continental United States and provides data on a syndicated basis. The survey methodology uses a personal interview and a self-administered questionnaire.

This heavily-discounted version is for course-related research only.  Data cannot be quoted beyond Merrimack College, or used in internships or other corporate settings.

To access,

  1. To to and click Register.
  2. Enter Merrimack's registration code , plus your full name and Merrimack email address.
    A new code was issued January 2017.  Contact Frances Nilsson for the new code.
  3. You will receive an email to confirm access.
  4. Once in, click the University Reporter button.

A University Reporter Tutorial for using the Reporter and interpreting data can be found in this pdf on Merrimack's Google Drive.

This site should work on Macs and PCs with most browsers.  Contact Frances Nilsson if you have problems.

Reading a Report

Total '000 -- this is the Base Count of the total population.  In Fall 2011, there were 70,735,000 Adults 18 - 34 in the 48 contiguous United States

Projected Count (000) -- Projected to the full poulation, 7,602,000 Adults 18 - 34 have attended a MLB Regular Season Baseball - on occassion

Percent Across:  out of Adults 18 - 34 - 10.7% attended in a MLB Regular Season Baseball - on occassion

Percent Down: out of all the people who attended MLB games on occasion 36.4% were Adults 18 - 34.

Index: People who attended MLB games on occasion (119 - 100=) 19% more like that the the general polulation to be Adults 18 - 34;
also Adults 18 - 34 are 19% more likely than the general population to attend a MLB Baseball game on occasion.