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The library uses the Library of Congress Classification system to organize books in the stacks by subject. This means that it is easy to browse the stacks once you know the subject heading and call number associated with your topic.

At McQuade, call numbers A-H are located on the 2nd floor & J-Z are located on the 3rd floor.

Subject Call Number
HA1 - HA4737
Statistics -- Registration of vital events. Vital records
HA38 - HA39
Statistics -- Statistical data HA154 - HA4737
Statistics -- Statistical data -- Universal statistics
HA154 - HA155
Statistics -- Statistical data -- By region or country
HA175 - HA473
Economic theory. Demography HB1 -HB3840
Economic theory. Demography -- Economics as science. Relation to other subjects
HB71 - HB74
Economic theory. Demography -- History of economics. History of economic theory. Including special economic schools
HB75 - HB130
Economic theory. Demography -- Methodology
HB131 - HB147
Economic theory. Demography -- Methodology -- Mathematical economics. Quantitative methods. Including econometrics, input-output, analysis, game theory
HB135 - HB147
Economic theory. Demography -- Value. Utility
HB201 - HB206
Economic theory. Demography -- Price
HB221 - HB236
Economic theory. Demography -- Competition. Production. Wealth
HB238 - HB251
Economic theory. Demography -- Capital. Capitalism
Economic theory. Demography -- Income. Factor shares
HB522 - HB715
Economic theory. Demography -- Income. Factor shares -- Interest
HB535 - HB551
Economic theory. Demography -- Income. Factor shares -- Profit
Economic theory. Demography -- Income. Factor shares -- Entrepreneurship. Risk and uncertainty. Property
HB615 - HB715
Economic theory. Demography -- Consumption. Demand
HB801 - HB843
Economic theory. Demography -- Welfare theory
HB846 - HB846.8
Economic theory. Demography -- Demography. Population. Vital events
HB848 - HB3697
Economic theory. Demography -- Business cycles. Economic fluctuations
HB3711 - HB3840
Economic history and conditions HC10 - HC1085
Economic history and conditions -- Special topics, including air pollution, automation, consumer demand, families, flow of funds, etc.
Economic history and conditions -- Economic geography of the oceans (General)
Economic history and conditions -- By region or country
HC94 - HC1085
Industries. Land use. Labor -- Economic growth, development, planning HD72 - HD88
Commerce HF1 - HF6182
Commerce -- Balance of trade HF1014
Commerce --Commercial geography. Economic geography
HF1021 - HF1027
Commerce --Commodities. Commercial products.
HF1040 - HF1054
Commerce --Tarrif. Free trade. Protectionism
HF1701 - HF2701
Commerce --By region or country
HF3000 - HF4055
Commerce --Business HF5001 - HF6182
Finance -- HG1 - HG9999
Public finance -- HJ9 - HJ9940