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Consumer Behavior

Resources for consumer behavior courses including trends, target market sources, journal articles and more.

Finding Missing Details in Trade Mags & Newspapers


Search both MACKsearch and ProQuest Business for company and industry articles on operations, supply chain, target markets, advertising, pricing, merchandising, store design and more. 

Search your target market, company, product or industry and combine with terms, such as
      automobiles and hispanic
      hispanic and market*
      Pepsico and (market* or advertis*)

*retrieves market, markets, marketing, marketed, etc.

Limit to peer-reviewed to focus on in-depth analysis of specific consumers.  
Commercial market research studies will usually not be reported in peer-reviewed sources.

Find Journals

Curious to find out whether or not McQuade Library has access to a particular journal?  Enter the title in search box below.

July 2020: If the search box is not opening in a new window, go directly to Find Journals/Publications in MACKsearch

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