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Company Research

Private Companies

Besides the company's web site,

  • check the resources below,
  • Directories, and 
  • Articles in newspapers, magazines, journals,
  • and in local newspapers.

Still too little information?  Try Industry-Specific web sites and Articles about companies.

Or contact a librarian for help.

Private Company Financials

Private companies are not required to file public financial statements.  Usually only revenues will be reported in directories and other sources.  If you're lucky: some companies may submit unaudited data to credit rating organizations such as D&B, but these are available from D&B for a fee.  Larger companies may be preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) on a US stock exchange which requires filings with the SEC.

Try the following sources:

Subsidiaries and Merged Companies

M&As - Mergers & Acquisitions

Branch Locations

Check the following for information:

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