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Welcome Abbott Lawrence Academy Students

This is a guide to help ALA students get started using McQuade Library!

Searching in Library Resources

McQuade Library resources don't work like Google!

Putting too many words or phrases into a search box prevents you from getting results- even when there are many resources related to your topic! 

Break your topic or research question down to the most important parts, then use those to create your search phrase.

  • Example research topic: The impact of self esteem on the academic performance of college students
  • Search terms: self esteem, academic performance, college students
  • Put these terms together to create a search phrase: self esteem AND academic performance AND college students
  • Using the word "and" between terms tells the database that you want articles that incorporate all of the ideas, so each time you use "and" you are narrowing the list of results. 

The video below offers so helpful tips on how to get the most out of your searches: