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Merrimack ScholarWorks

Information about MSW -Merrimack ScholarWorks-- Merrimack College's Institutional Repository

Journal Hosting with Merrimack ScholarWorks

If you have a journal currently hosted elsewhere that you would like to move, thinking about starting a new journal, or are a faculty advisor to a student-run publication, we can help!

Serving as the host for your journal means that we provide you with a free, stable and permanent web-space, and any technical support you may need.  Hosting your journal through this platform (bepress Digital Commons) also gives you access to tools and features that can assist you with author submissions, and the peer review process.

  • The journal will be it's own self-contained space, where links for “about us,” “contact us,” “submissions,” etc., will only pertain to your journal.

  • As a self-contained publication, this also means that your journal does not have to adhere to the layout or color scheme of Merrimack ScholarWorks

  • If you are creating a new journal, graphic designers at bepress can help you create original journal web presence that will suit your publication.

  • If you want to host an existing journal, graphic designers can also help to keep continuity in the look feel of your journal by incorporating any branding/logos/color schemes that you already established.  

If you are interested in hosting a journal through Merrimack ScholarWorks, contact the repository administrator. They will provide you with a Journal Set-Up Form, and contact our bepress administrator to start the process. 

Journals Hosted through Digital Commons

Below are links to a selection of peer-reviewed journals, undergraduate research journals, and student-run journals hosted through the Digital Commons network. 

For questions or feedback contact the McQuade Library
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