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Tolle Lege

Information on contributions to the Tolle Lege Collection of Merrimack-authored publications and the annual receptions honoring the authors.

group photo of 17 Merrimack authors

2018 Authors

Tolle Lege 2019

Tolle Lege 2019 Reception
Thursday, February 7, 2019 at 4:00 pm




Allan Weatherwax



Thomas Anderson

Liberal Arts: History


Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello

Girard School of Business: Strategy & Operations


Lyena Chavez

McQuade Library


Juliana F. W. Cohen

Health Sciences


Christopher Duston

Science & Engineering: Physics 


Karen Hayden

Education & Social Policy: Criminology


Daneil Herda

Liberal Arts: Sociology


McQuade Library Present the 16th Annual Tolle Lege Reception Thursday February 7 2019 Writers House 4pm. Speakers include: Thomas Anderson, History Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello, Strategy and Operations, Lyena Chavez, McQuade Library, Julian Cohen, Health Sciences, Christopher Duston, Physics, Karen Hayden, Criminology, Daniel Herda, Sociology, Allan T. Weatherwax, Provost

2018 Contributors

Author Affiliation
Aiello, Brittnie L. Education & Social Policy: Criminology
Alberti, Traci L. Health Sciences
Amariglio, Jack Liberal Arts: Economics
Anderson, Tom Liberal Arts: History
Antonellis, Paul Girard School of Business: Organizational Studies and Analytics
Bandeira-de-Mello, Rodrigo Girard School of Business: Strategy and Operations
Bell, Valerie Girard School of Business: Strategy and Operations
Benes, Sarah Health Sciences
Bowling, April Health Sciences
Burke, Christopher Health Sciences
Cannon, Andrew Health Sciences
Charos, Evangelos Liberal Arts: Economics
Chavez, Lyena McQuade Library
Chen, Fan Girard School of Business: Finance
Cherney, Isabelle Education & Social Policy: Dean
Cohen, Andrea Writers House
Cohen, Juliana F.W. Health Sciences
Corcoran, Michael P. Health Sciences
Cozad, Laurie Liberal Arts: Religious and Theological Studies
D’Ambrosio, Paul J. Liberal Arts: Philosophy
DeCesare, Michael Liberal Arts: Sociology
DiZoglio, Dennis A. Class of 1973
Donovan, Vincent Class of 1970
Duston, Christopher L. Science & Engineering: Physics
Falk, Audrey Education & Social Policy: Community Engagement
Featherman, Chris Liberal Arts: English
Ferrara, Cynthia M. Health Sciences
Finn, Kevin Health Sciences
Franco, Jimmy U. Science & Engineering: Chemistry
Fragoudakis, Roselita Science & Engineering: Mechanical Engineering
Gatling, Anne Education & Social Policy: Education
Girgenti-Malone, Alicia A. Education & Social Policy: Criminology
Hardway, Christina Liberal Arts: Psychology
Hayden, Karen Education & Social Policy: Criminology
Heffernon, George Liberal Arts: Philosophy
Herda, Daniel Liberal Arts: Sociology
JonesPruett, Danielle Writers House
Kaklamanos, James Science & Engineering: Civil Engineering
Kelley, Joseph T. Liberal Arts: Religious & Theological Studies
Kurdzeil, Laura B. F. Liberal Arts: Psychology
Kurkul, Katelyn E. Education & Social Policy
Laramie, Anthony J. Liberal Arts: Economics
LaTorre, Joseph Liberal Arts: Psychology
LeBert, Cassidy Liberal Arts: Psychology
LeBlanc-Straceski, Janine Science & Engineering: Biology
MacLaren, R. David Science & Engineering: Biology
Mansen, F. Dorie Liberal Arts: Religious and Theological Studies
Marine, Susan B. Education & Social Policy: Higher Education
Mascolo, Michael F. Liberal Arts: Psychology
McGillivray, Dave Class of 1976, Honorary 2012
McInnis, Kyle Health Sciences
Miles, Danielle Health Sciences
MItchell, Natalie Girard School of Business: Marketing
Parent, Jane D. Girard School of Business: Organizational Studies and Analytics
Peacock, Jessica L. Health Sciences
Perks, Lisa Glebatis Liberal Arts: Communication & Media
Polyakov, Emma O’Donnell Liberal Arts: Religious and Theological Studies
Pottroff, Christy L. Liberal Arts: English
Provencher, Brian A. Science & Engineering: Chemistry
Ridenour, Autumn Alcott Liberal Arts: Religious and Theological Studies
Saenz De Viguera Erkiaga, Luis Liberal Arts: World Languages & Cultural Studies
Scherwatzky, Steven Liberal Arts: English
Seitchik, Allison E. Liberal Arts: Psychology
Sharoni, Shimona Liberal Arts: Women and Gender Studies
Sherman, Zoe Liberal Arts: Economics
Silsbee, Rachel Academic Success Services: Writing Center
Silva, Ana C. Girard School of Business: Finance
Smith, Meghan. Class of 2022
Solo, Emmanuelle Gnahon Godo      Alumna Class of 2016
Stroud, Michael J. Liberal Arts: Psychology
Szivak, Tunde K. Health Sciences
Tannenbaum, Rory P. Education & Social Policy: Education
Titus, Rose Class of 1999
Tollison, Andrew C. Liberal Arts: Communication and Media
Turner, Jacob S. Liberal Arts: Communication and Media
Unsal, Omer Girard School of Engineering
Vogel, Joseph Liberal Arts: English
Weatherwax, Allan T. Science & Engineering: Physics, Provost
Wessel, Harry Liberal Arts: Philosophy
Wians, William Liberal Arts: Philosophy
Yan, Zi Science & Engineering: Health Sciences
Zimdars, Melissa Liberal Arts: Communication & Media

Tolle Lege Works added in 2018