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Climate Preparedness Week, 2021

Book Discussion Prompts

Talking with kids and teens

What would help you to communicate with kids and teens about climate preparedness?

  • Have you checked out books to talk with your kids about climate preparedness?

  • Is your family ready?  Do you have a plan?  (p268-)

  • How can we help soothe eco-despair?  (p228 - 246)

Stress relief: How are you dealing with the stress of climate preparedness? 

  • How are you staying balanced?  

  • Keeping things in perspective?  Prioritizing health? 

  • Not feeling like you are more responsible than you are?

Examples:  Exercise, a dose of nature, news diet, deep breathing, the worry hour, creative outlets, therapy, dealing with deniers (p27-37) 

Resource to share: Optimism balance (p560)

“So which should you feel?  Depressed or hopeful?  The informed answer is ‘A little or both.’” (p560)

Wrap up/Final Thoughts:

“The world of sustainability warriors is crying out for your help - and offering to train you for the job.” (p25)

  • Best response to eco-grief and anxiety is to get involved and take action

  • Find Power In Groups (p26)

  • Share some examples of advocacy groups


Also, share an example of a local group like the CAN! Concord Climate Action Group or Climate Reality Massachusetts Southcoast

Resource to share:  Climate Prep Week Toolkit Books for Youth

Highlight a book available at your library such as The Story of Climate Change by Catherine Barr or I Have Right to Save the Planet by Alain Seres or The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution by Mary DeMocker.