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Antiracism Resources

This guide contextualizes racism and antiracism within the United States and aims to provide the Merrimack Community with an introduction to resources on understanding and confronting racial injustice.



United States

Crash Course Black American History Preview

Description Over the course of 50 episodes, we're going to learn about Black American History. Clint Smith will to teach you about the experience of Black people in America, from the arrival of the first enslaved Black people who arrived at Jamestown all the way to the Black Lives Matter movement.

How the US stole thousands of Native American children - Vox

American Experience: The Abolitionists | Interview with Erica Armstrong Dunbar (part 1 of 4)

Description Erica Armstrong Dunbar, associate professor of Black American Studies with joint appointments in history and in women and gender studies at the University of Delaware.

Racist History of Illegal Immigration | Racist America History - Splinter

Let’s Talk About the Constitution: The Three-Fifths Clause | MD Center for History & Culture

Let’s Talk About the Constitution: The Three-Fifths Clause from MD Center for History & Culture on Vimeo.

Description Let’s talk about the constitution! In this virtual program, our guest, Dr. Richard Bell, provides a fascinating look into the text of the 1787 federal Constitution and demonstrates how the Three-Fifths Clause wove slaveholder power into the fabric of each of the three branches of government -- executive, legislative, and judicial – shaping every aspect of federal policy regarding slavery for decades to come.

New England