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Antiracism Resources

This guide contextualizes racism and antiracism within the United States and aims to provide the Merrimack Community with an introduction to resources on understanding and confronting racial injustice.


Cultural Humility

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Medical Racism from 1619 to the Present: History Matters || Harvard Radcliffe Institute

Description Lack of trust in the US healthcare system among communities of color is inextricably linked to the history of systemic racism in this country. With fewer than half of Black American adults indicating that they will definitely or probably get vaccinated against COVID-19, understanding the roots of this hesitancy—which dates back centuries—is critical to battling the disease. Speakers on this panel examine the roots in slavery of contemporary African American mistrust of the healthcare system, the lack of trust in medical providers fostered by experiences of everyday racism, and the African American community’s long dependence, born of necessity, on care from within the community.

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Cultural Humility: People, Principles, & Practices from filmmaker Vivian Chavez