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All Abilities Awareness

Every year, The Accessibility Services Office and the McQuade Library partner to celebrate All Abilities Awareness in October. Each year looks different, but every event celebrates the diverse abilities that make Merrimack College a vibrant community.



Autism Spectrum Disorders  
Adam PN1997.2 .A33 2010 (DVD)
Autism in Love Domentary 94 min
Best Kept Secret Documentary/Drama 85 min
Life, Animated RJ506.A9 L534 2016 (DVD)
My Name is Khan PN1997.2 .M9 2010 (DVD Merrimack only)
Rain Man PN1997 .R15 2004 (DVD Merrimack only)
The Imitation Game PN1997.2 .I4 2015 (DVD)
Miracle Run  
Mozart and the Whale  
Deaf / Hard of Hearing  
Children of a Lesser God PN1997 .C45 2000 (DVD)
Immortal Beloved PN1997 .I45 1999 (DVD Merrimack only)
It's a Wonderful Life PN1997.I88 C263 1998 (DVD Merrimack only)
Mr. Holland's Opus [ERC] PN1997 .M75 1995
Miracle Worker  
Emotional or Behavioral Disorders  
A Dangerous Method PN1997.2 .D364476 2012 (DVD)
As Good As It Gets PN1995.9 .C55 A84 1998 (DVD Merrimack only)
A Beautiful Mind PN1995.9.B55 B438 2006
Birdman PN1997.2 .B57 2015 (DVD)
Fisher King PN1995.9.C55 F57 1998
Frances PN1997 .F67 2003
Girl Interupted PN1995.9 .M463 G58 (DVD)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest PN1997.O54 F673 (DVD)
Punch Drunk Love PN1995.9.C55 P86 2003 (DVD Merrimack only)
Shine PN1997 .S55 1997 (DVD)
Silver Linings Playbook PN1997.2.S55 2013

PN1995.9.S87 S9355 2006 (DVD Merrimack only)

The Soloist PN1997.2 .S65 2009
We Have a Pope [World Language] PN1997.2.W4 2012 (DVD)
Akeelah and the Bee [ERC] PN1995.9.C45 A344 2006
An Education PN1997.2 .E383 2010 (DVD)
Hidden Figures PN1997.2 .H53 2017 (DVD)
Health Impairments  
The Boy in the Bubble RB155.6 .B69 2006 (DVD)
Cake PN1997.2 .C35 2015 (DVD)
Dallas Buyers Club PN1997.2 .D35 2014 (DVD
FIXED: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement  
I Have Tourette's But Tourette's Doesn't Have Me RJ496 .T68 2005 (DVD)
Mask PN1997 .M37 2004 (DVD Merrimack only)
Midnight Cowboy PN1995.9.M46 M5365448 2006 (DVD
Proof PN1997.2 .P7664 2006 (DVD Merrimack only)
Still Alice PN1997.2 .S85 2015 (DVD)
The Fault in Our Stars PN1997.2 .F38 2014 (DVD)
Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities  
Being There PN1997.B24 2001
Of Mice and Men PN1997 .O31 2003 (DVD)
To Kill a Mockingbird PS3562.E353 T62 2005 (DVD Merrimack only)
Secret of the Wild Child RC507.A20 R95 2006 (DVD Merrimack only)
I am Sam  
Learning Disabilities  
Physical Impairments  
An Affair to Remember PN1997 .A31115 2007 (DVD Merrimack only)
Bowling for Columbine HV7436 .B69 2003 (DVD)
Coming Home PN1995.9.S62 C6 2002
Edward Sicssorhands PN1997.E39 2005
The Elephant Man PN1995.9.B55 E44 2001 (DVD)
The English Patient PR9199.3.O5 E64 1998 (DVD)
Frida PN1997.2 .F75 2013 (DVD Merrimack only)
Gattaca PN1995.9.S26 G38833 2008 (DVD)
Happy Feet [ERC] PN1195.9.A5 H3779 2007
The Hunchback of Notre Dame [World Language] PN1997 .H863 2002
The Intouchables PN1997 .I58 2013 (DVD Merrimack only)
Million Dollar Baby PN1997.2 .M55 2005 (DVD)
The Sessions PN1997.2 .S47 2013 (DVD)
The Theory of Everything PN1997.2 .T446 2015 (DVD)
X-Men First Class PN1997.2 .X646 2011
Stumped per Jodi email on 2/12/19
Defiant Lives  
Speech Disorders  
The Piano PN1997 .P527 1998 (DVD)
The King's Speech PN1997.2 .K55 2011 (DVD)
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)  
50 First Dates PN1997 .A1282 2004
Regarding Henry PN1997 .R34 2007 (DVD)
Visual Disabilities  
Mask PN1997 .M37 2004 (DVD Merrimack only)
Proof PN1997.2 .P7664 2006 (DVD Merrimack only)
Ray PN1997 .R263 (DVD)

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