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RTS2425 Pellegrinaggio in Italia



Think of MackSearch like Google, but created specifically for McQuade- easy searching but with more credible results. MackSearch does a combination search of the NOBLE Catalog as well as most of our databases, so typically you'll get a lot a results back. This can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but fortunately, you have several options to refine and limit your results list to find exactly what you're looking for. In MackSearch you'll find books, e-books, journal articles, streaming media, news briefs, and more. 

Finding Peer-Reviewd Articles in MackSearch

  1. Enter the keywords (the main points of the research) into the search boxes 
  2. After the initial search, you'll want to use the limiters on the left-hand side 
  3. Select "Full-Text" and "Peer-Reviewed."
  4. Set the date range- usually looking at the last 10 years is a good starting point 
  5. Select "Academic Journals"
  6. Take a look at your results list. Click on titles that stand out to you and read the abstract. If the article seems promising, consider reading the full text (which will be linked in the left-hand side of the record page).
  • If your not finding articles that support your research, try changing up the keywords by thinking of synonyms or alternate terms, as well as different aspects of your topic. Depending on what keywords you use, you'll get different results back.  

Recommended Databases

More McQuade databases are available from the A-Z list of databases

For off-campus access, login using your Merrimack username and password (same as your MC email credentials).