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RTS2300 Introduction to the New Testament (Spring 2022)



In ATLA you can search by scripture citation as well, for find many relevant articles for your exegesis.

  • Go to ATLA Religion Database.
  • For articles on biblical passages, click on Scriptures at the top left.
  • Search tip: If you have a biblical passage with chapter and verse numbers, click on Expand to see a list of chapter numbers.  By clicking on the relevant chapter number; it will be entered into the Search box.  It’s possible to do this also for specific verse numbers by clicking on Expand after the chapter number.
  • Look for bibliographies in any books or articles you find.



1.  Within ATLA, click "Scriptures" link at the top of the screen.

Conducting a SCRIPTURE seach in ATLA


2. Click "Expand" next to the book that contains your passage.

Collapsed Bible book links


3. Continue to expand until you identify your passage.  At any time, if you click on the book or chapter or verse link, ATLA will give you search results for articles on that specific book, chapter or verse.