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POL1100 Politics of the U.S. (Dobbs)

How to Begin Your Research

6 Easy Steps to Successful Research

Understanding Parts of a Research Study

How to Choose a Paper Topic

Selecting a paper topic that interests you can sometimes be challenging. Here are some ideas to help you find an appropriate research topic:


1) Consider a topic from a newspaper or magazine article. Think about news reports you've seen on T.V. or that you've heard on the radio. What have you read online recently? Current events and "hot topics" are a great choice when selecting a research topic.


2) Find a topic in an online resource, such as:

  • CQ Researcher - Provides in-depth coverage of current events.
  • Opposing Viewpoints- Click on "Browse All Topics" to search social social issues & current events 
  • National Newspapers Premier - Newspapers from all over the country, each with its own unique geographic perspective.
  • Newspaper Source - National & International newspapers sources, including television & radio news transcripts.