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MKT 2205 Principles of Marketing

Professional sources on industries, markets & consumer behavior.

Industry Sources

What are the dynamics affecting your industry and markets - customers, competitors, technology, regulations?

The following resources provide reports on industries and consumer markets.

Also search specialty trade journals/newspapers for annual reviews, updates and articles in specialty trade journals and newspapers.

Trade Associations

Trade associations and trade journals often collect and publish information on an industry and promote pro-industry issues.  

The following resources often indicate at the end of their reports, the major associations, trade unions and trade journals working in the industry.  

The Human Resources section of First Research's industry reports will usually identify whether the industry's workers are unionized. To identify which trade union, try the wikipedia link below, a Google search and/or search More Analysis and News sources.

U.S. Government Data

Use these sources for US national and local industry statistics, but look up your NAICS code first if you don't know it.

NAICS codes and the earlier SIC codes are used to define industries.
Use these sources to verify your industry code definitions: