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MKT 2205 Principles of Marketing

Professional sources on industries, markets & consumer behavior.

Company Sources Checklist

Where can you find information on a company's strengths and weaknesses, operations & supply chain, merchandising and pricing, marketing strategy and more?  Be sure to check these sources:

Sources for Company Reports - Internal Info

    Evaluate a company's shopping site, but also review the following key corporate sources, often under Investor Relations:

    • Annual Form 10-K SEC filing
      - Provides information on operations, marketing and organization
      • An introduction to the 10-K can be found here.
      • Alternatives to the 10-K include
        • 20-F SEC filing for non-US companies,
        • SEDAR Info for Canadian companies

    • Annual Report to Stockholders
      - President's letter often outlines strategy
      - Report itself may tell you much about its marketing

    • CEO Interviews, Conference Calls and/or press releases - updates on strategy, often found at corporate web sites.

    If you need to refresh your knowledge of the above sources, check out this tutorial from Baruch College Library.

    Below are sites where you can find Form-10K and other corporate filings.

    Analysts Reports & News - External Opinions

      Corporate Responsibility Reports

      What does the company say about its social responsbility and sustainability initiatives?

      S&P NetAdvantage Screens


      NetAdvantage is a simplified version of the S&P Capital IQ platform used in corporate finance.  The left menu shows the variety of screens and options for a particular company.  The top menu shows other functions such as Screening for company lists, Charting, Industry Surveys covering major industy areas, and the weekly S&P Outlook.

      Stock Reports are under Investment Research - Equity Research

      Be sure to open the PDF at the far right to view the report. The Industry Surveys are also helpful for large industries, such as Automobile Manufacturers, Aerospace & Defense, Restaurants, Internet & Direct Marketing Retailing.

      S&P NetAdvantage equity research/Stock report screen