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IDS1010 Global Pandemics (Bowling/Sharoni) Fall 2020

Epidemic diseases have been a threat to human societies throughout history, but as the Covid-19 outbreak has demonstrated, pandemics in the context of our globalized world present new challenges, as well as potential opportunities.


This guide is for IDS1010 Global Pandemics. It is designed to help you find quality, credible sources for your assignments.

Click on any of the tabs to the left to navigate this guide. Don't hesitate to contact a librarian if you have any questions.  Good luck with your research.

How To Login To Databases from Off Campus


Free Coronovirus Research Sites

Free Coronavirus Research Sites

These are free resources focusing on coronavirus-related research.

Google Scholar is indexing research from most of these sites as is PubMed Central and the World Health Organization.

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