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Health Promotion Programs


This guide is for Health Promotion Programs students. It is designed to help you find quality sources.

Click on any of the tabs on the left to navigate this guide. 
Don't hesitate to contact a librarian if you have any questions.  Good luck with your research!

Needs Assessment

1. Learn more about Needs Assessment

a) Find information on how to complete a Needs Assessment

The Community Toolbox from the University of Kansas

Key Concepts in Public Health

b) Find examples of Needs Assessment

Example 1 
Example 2

2. Gather background information 

a) Find information about a disease or other topic

Gale Ebooks: Encyclopedia Information about topics

MackSearch: Click Peer-Reviewed to find journal articles

b) Find demographic information about a community 

US Census Bureau

3. Gather health data

See the box below and determine a source that works for what you need.

Health Data and Statistics

Check out these online books!

Featured Book: Key Concepts in Public Health