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HIS 3991 - European History Methodology and Senior Thesis (Vorderer)

Research Study

A paper reporting or describing a research study will usually include the following elements:

1. Question(s) the researcher is trying to answer

2. Reasons why it is important to answer the question(s)

3. Literature Review that explains what is already understood or has already been studied on the topic

4. Research Method used in this study

5. Results of this study

6. Conclusions that can be made based on this study

7. Limitation(s) of this study

8. Recommendation of areas for additional study

9. References of works consulted for this study

Even after a thorough search, you may not be able to find many sources on your specific topic.  Possibly, your exact topic has not yet been studied.  In that case, you can use other studies related to your topic to help in designing your study.

6 Easy Steps to Successful Research

Parts of a Research Study