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GCS2000: Introduction to Cultural Studies (Saenz)

GCS2000 Final Paper - DUE MAY 7th 11:30AM


  • Your topic analyzes a cultural artifact that we have not seen/discussed in class. A cultural artifact, as discussed throughout the semester, can be a literary text, a musical style or a particular artist/work, a film, a graphic novel, a social movement, etc…
  • The artifact comes from a non-USAmerican context 
  • The analysis uses one or more of the theoretical perspectives we have developed throughout the course (Anthony Cohen’s symbolic community, Ernesto Laclau’s populism, Michael De Certeau’s space/place, Edward Said’s Orientalism, etc…). This does not mean that you drop names or keywords. The analyisis must be centered on the use of the theoretical concepts as a perspective from which to understand the artifact at a deeper level.

Critical Sources:

  • You will need to use four critical sources to support your analysis.
  • These four sources need to come from academic journals, whether online or printed.
  • Only one source from an encyclopedia, general interest magazine or journal will be accepted.


  • The paper has to be at least 6 full (complete from top to bottom) pages long. The extra page with the “Works Cited” list does not count towards this minimum.


  • Follow MLA guidelines. If you use another disciplinary format  (APA, Chicago…) you can follow that.

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