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The library uses the Library of Congress Classification system to organize books in the stacks by subject. This means that it is easy to browse the stacks for similar books, once you know the subject heading and call number associated with your topic. 

At McQuade, circulating books with call numbers A-HN are located on the 2nd floor & HQ-Z are located on the Lower Level.

Subject Call Number
Ethics BJ1 - BJ1725
Ethics -- History and general works, including individual ethical philosophers BJ71 - BJ1185
Ethics -- Religious ethics BJ1188 - BJ1295
Ethics -- Evolutionary and genetic ethics BJ1298 - BJ1335
Ethics -- Positivist ethics BJ1365 - BJ1385
Ethics -- Socialist ethics BJ1388
Ethics -- Communist ethics BJ1390 - BJ1390.5
Ethics -- Totalitarian ethics BJ1392
Ethics -- Feminist ethics BJ1395
Ethics -- Individual ethics. Character. Virtue, including practical and applied ethics, conduct of life, vices, success, ethics for children BJ1518 - BJ1697
Ethics -- Ethics of social groups, classes, etc. Professional ethics BJ1725

Selected Ethics Books, E-Books & E-Videos