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McQuade Messenger: Summer 2014

McQuade Library News


Summer at McQuade is a different kind of busy. We shift gears a bit, and work on some long-term projects that are just not possible to accomplish during the semester.  But our core mission of supporting our students, faculty, and staff remains unchanged! 

This year we're trying an experiment--to respond to the needs of our increasing numbers of graduate and non-traditional students, we will be adding hours in the evening. In addition to our regular hours of 8:30am-5pm, a swipe of your MACKcard will let you in to the library from 5-10pm, Monday-Thursday. Your MACKcard will also let you log in to our multitude of web-based resources from off campus, 24/7.

We're closed weekends in the summer, and closed Fridays when the college is closed.  You can always check our McQuade calendar for specifics. 

Check out a best seller to take to the beach, a DVD for the weekend, or stop by and relax with a magazine on your lunch break--we're here for you.
~ Kathryn GeoffrionScannell

Snapshot Day @ McQuade

On Tuesday April 8, McQuade Library participated in Massachusetts Snapshot Day, which is a statewide initiative meant to capture how people across the state use their local, academic, and special libraries.

Take a look at how students, faculty, and staff use McQuade: 

Pages on Phages

Merrimack biology students, along with students all across the country, are finding and classifying mycobacteriophages (viruses that infect mycobacteria) as part of the HHMI Science Education Alliance (SEA-PHAGES) initiative.  Students in Dr. Charlotte Berkes' BIO 1027 class had the opportunity to hone their research skills with Science and Engineering Instruction/Liaison Librarian C.J. Wong.  Students learned how to search the scientific databases, such as ScienceDirect, to find resources to help them place their work into the larger body of knowledge on mycobacteriophages as well as how to evaluate and utilize the information they find.  Additionally, students learned how to keep track of their citations and create bibliographies with RefWorks, a citation management tool.  C.J. created a BIO 1027 LibGuide and a Phage Page for the main Biology LibGuide featuring e-books which were purchased to support this project.

8th Edition of Scientific Style Manual

The latest edition of the online CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers was recently published and is now available to Merrimack College.  The online version features enhanced content such as a Checklist of Instructions to Authors, Sample Correspondence for an Editorial Office, and is updated to current formats of scientific information.  A quick guide to the CSE Scientific Style is available by clicking here.  

Merrimack ScholarWorks: a great place to preserve and share exemplary student work

Merrimack ScholarWorks provides a place to share and preserve student capstone projects, senior research projects, poster presentations, and other exemplary work.  

Merrimack ScholarWorks provides a permanent URL for projects. This is important because:

  • It provides a distinctive URL, which can be utilized on resumes and CVs for job applications.
  • It can easily be shared on social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Robust metadata makes items easily discoverable on search engines like Google, GoogleScholar, and Bing.
  • Projects will have readers beyond the Merrimack Community and the potential to impact the research of other scholars.
  • Impact can be demonstrated with monthly usage statistics!

If you have questions about repository services or would like to get started depositing your work, please see the Merrimack ScholarWorks LibGuide and contact the repository administrator at:

Pinterest: See New and Timely Items First!

New books, DVDs, and Hot Titles are constantly arriving at the library and all, as well as items featured in current and past displays, are conveniently featured on our Pinterest page, which is maintained by Joseph St. Germain, Reference/Access Associate.

Don't miss out on a chance to catch the latest titles, follow us on Pinterest today!

Some sample boards for April:

Follow McQuade Library's board New Acquisitions - April 2014 on Pinterest.

Follow McQuade Library's board Hot Titles - April 2014 on Pinterest.

Follow McQuade Library's board Hot Titles - April 2014 on Pinterest.

Consider CRAAP!

Open Fire Hydrant Gushing High Pressure Water

As someone said, getting information these days, especially off the internet, is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant: it is almost impossible to swallow a drop.  Instead, you feel frustrated, get pretty wet, and end up with a flood!  Success here means thinking critically about information and evaluating your sources before using them. Consider CRAAP, acronym for the five areas of evaluation:

  • Currency:   Is the information current or old?  Does it matter whether it is old or current?  - Check the copyright/publication date.
  • Relevancy:  Is the information really relevant?  - Think through the topic, and form solid keywords before searching.
  • Authority:  Who is responsible for the work, and what are their qualifications?  Check the author and publisher.
  • Accuracy:  How does the information relate to information in other sources?
  • Purpose:  What is the purpose of the author's writing?  Who is the intended audience?

Apply the CRAAP test to all the sources you find, including websites.  Then read with an open mind in order to arrive at your own unbiased point of view on each source. 

(A modified version of the CRAAP Test created by Meriam Library at California State University, Chico)

Recognizing Access Services Senior Student Workers

Every year, the library's Access Services Department has to say goodbye to some of its student worker staff as they prepare to graduate from Merrimack College and pursue new, diverse, exciting, and rewarding professional and/or educational opportunities.  

Whether the students have worked for the department since their first year or are recent additions to the staff, we are thankful for their contributions to the library, sad to see them go, and proud of their accomplishments.

This year's graduating student workers from the Access Services Department are listed below.  We wish all of them good luck with their future endeavors and hope they take some much deserved time to celebrate their achievements with friends and family (after finals end of course)!

Tony Brunco (Pictured on the right in a 2012 election read poster.)

  • Major: History/ Minor: Spanish
  • Reflection on working at McQuade: This has easily been the greatest job I've ever had or will have. As a freshman I began working at the McQuade Library prior to the new renovations, so in a way both the library and I have had a transforming experience over the course of the last four years. My supervisors Joe St. Germain and Chris Condon have taught me a great deal through their leadership and instruction.
  • Future Plans: Next year, I plan to attend law school.

Anna Ndamba

  • Major: Health Science/ Minor: JCM, Chemistry, Biology 
  • Reflection on working at McQuade: It was incredible, the staff interaction is very inspiring. Many friends were made and networks were created.
  • Future PlansObtain master's in Global Health, and MD in Preventive Medicine.                                                                                  

Jenny Nguyen

  • Major: Biochemistry/ Minor: Math
  • Reflection on working at McQuade: Working at the McQuade Library has been a pleasant experience for me. I love the staff.
  • Future Plans: I will be attending optometry school.

Molly McKenna

  • Major: Biochemistry
  • Reflection on working at McQuade: I've worked at McQuade library for a little over a year. I've had a great time and made a lot of new friends working here. The staff is really helpful and have always helped me when I needed it.
  • Future Plans: Looking for work, maybe grad school one day.

Neha Patel

  • Major: Biology/ Minor: JCM, Chemistry
  • Reflection on working at McQuade: Working at a library was a phenomenal experience for me. I got to meet so many people and interact with them over the course of four years, which has helped me in my professional career and helped be get better at interacting with and being more helpful to people!
  • Future Plans: I plan to work or attend graduate school.  I am still deciding.

John Gardner E-books

McQuade has purchased electronic books by John Gardner in antipation for his upcoming talk during CETL's Annual Perspectives on Learning and Understanding Students (A PLUS) Conference.  If you would like to access these titles off-campus, but do not have your password set up, please see this guide or e-mail us for help.

Mobile Technologies and McQuade

Many library resources have mobile sites or mobile apps.  Please check out this LibGuide for mobile resources from McQuade.

DVDs to Save the Planet