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McQuade Messenger: Summer 2013

McQuade Library News


It’s been quite a year!  We’ve broken every record we have for workshops, questions, consultations, and library visits.  We said goodbye to our dedicated Instruction/Liaison Librarian Melinda Malik--we will miss her, but our loss is Manchester Community College’s gain.  We will also deeply miss our graduating seniors -- the best students work at the library!  We’re very excited about our Merrimack ScholarWorks digital repository. As you finish the semester, be sure to fill out the LibQUAL survey to tell us what you like and what we can do better.  Don’t forget we’re here all summer--call, stop by, or just click to get what you need for research or leisure.

~ Kathryn GeoffrionScannell

Beyond Point & Click: Library Instruction Update

Librarian C.J. Wong works with a student in the Research Center

It’s been an amazing year for McQuade’s Instruction program.  I’m thrilled to say we’ve taught the most workshops ever this academic year (162!), a 17% increase over last year.  Beyond the impressive numbers though, what strikes me is how McQuade librarians are directly contributing to student success both within and outside of formal library workshops.  More students than ever are frequenting our inviting Research Center and receiving one-on-one personalized research assistance at multiple points in their research processes.  Librarians are going beyond just “point and click” assistance and helping students brainstorm manageable topics, evaluate the information that they find, and use it ethically to produce quality final products. Librarians have enjoyed viewing end-of-semester posters, presentations, and multimedia productions – many of which used excellent library sources.

McQuade librarians continue to hone Merrimack students' abilities to think critically and develop intellectual curiosity – high impact practices that affect every area of our students' development and performance.

~Lyena Chavez, Head of Instruction & Outreach

Liaison Program Highlights

McQuade’s liaison program continues to provide faculty support for collection development, teaching and learning, campus engagement, and scholarly communications.  Here are some highlights:

  • Donna Maturi attended a webinar sponsored by the Internalization Leadership Team entitled, Today’s Chinese Student: Understanding the US Classroom, that outlined common problems Chinese students encounter, ranging from issues in academic integrity to building relationships with faculty and other academic support staff.  She crafted an International Educators’ Resources online guide. In addition, this fall there will be a reserve shelf at the Help Desk dedicated to resources on this topic that faculty may borrow.

  • Frances Nilsson began discussions with Dean Mark Cordano to identify when/how to introduce business students to key business sources, such as SEC & SEDAR filings, operating ratios, associations, trade journals, etc. RMA Annual Statement Studies Online was on trial in the fall and the print version was added to the collection.

  • C.J. Wong attended a Science & Engineering Chairs meeting where she discussed the liaison program.  She has also been working to make contacts with the STEM faculty.  Look for her in Mendel with her tiny bookmobile.  She would be happy to show faculty how to set up an alert for your favorite journal contents or searches.

  • Our Education Liaison strengthened our Higher Education and Community Engagement book collection and ensured that library resources directly support courses in these graduate programs.  Janet Graham and Ann Gatling continued to add excellent resources to our ERC that support the Common Core Curriculum.

The ERC is a Great Place to Study!


LibQual Logo

Let your voice be heard!!  McQuade Library is conducting a web-based survey of faculty, students, and staff at Merrimack to evaluate user perceptions of library service quality. LibQUAL+™ is a web-based survey instrument that  measures library users’ perceptions of service quality in three key dimensions:

Information Control:  Do we have what you need?

Affect of Service:  Do we help when, where, and how you need us?

Library as Place:  Do our spaces meet your needs?

The survey should take between 5 and 8 minutes to complete, and will help guide decisions and determine priorities in our ongoing strategic planning efforts. This will be our fourth iteration of this survey, and each time the results have taught us something!

The survey is anonymous and has Merrimack IRB approval. If you wish, you may provide contact information for entry into a prize drawing. This information is compiled separately and is not linked to survey responses.

The survey will run from April 22 — May 10, 2013. Merrimack Community members were sent a link to the survey in an email message. Log in to the McQuade Library page on MyMack (under Student Info or Resources) if you can’t find yours, or email from your Merrimack College email addresss.

Day of Silence

In observance of the Day of Silence, an annual event held across the country with the purpose of calling “attention to anti-LGBT name calling, bullying, and harassment in schools,” a display of LGBTQ library resources was set up in the main entry way.

In addition, Joe St. Germain created an online guide highlighting the library’s physical and electronic LGBTQ Resources.  Safe Zone contact information is also available in this guide.

This year’s Day of Silence was Friday, April 19.  Merrimack College observed the day with activities on Wednesday April 17 with a Silent Demonstration in Honor of the Day of Silence and a Breaking the Silence Ceremony at the Sak Patio.

Check out this year’s Day of Silence posters featuring Merrimack College students, faculty, and staff by clicking here.

Set Your Library Password for Summer

If you need to access library resources from off-campus over the summer, make sure to set your library password so you can:

  • Access library databases off campus
  • Download Overdrive & ebrary electronic books (learn more here)
  • Order materials (aka place hold requests) from other NOBLE libraries
  • Renew your items online

To set your password:

  1. Click the here or the Your Account Login in the library catalog.
  3. Enter the barcode number on the BACK of your MackCard and clickSUBMIT
  4. An email will be sent to your Merrimack email. Click the link in the email and enter your password.

See our Evergreen Catalog online guide for more information 
or view a video demonstration.

Merrimack ScholarWorks

 Help us extend Merrimack’s academic impact in the global community! It's a win-win - promote your Merrimack research and publishing efforts by participating in Merrimack ScholarWorks (MSW).

Merrimack ScholarWorks increases your visibility to the world. We welcome academic articles, posters, preprints, videos, images, teaching materials and newsletters for submission to this newly launched digital archive. MSW is a permanent public space for all types of files AND your work is indexed by search engines like Google. Receive monthly alerts notifying you how many times your works have been downloaded. Use MSW as a publishing platform and upload your department newsletters or create a new journal. The MSW is free to all members of the Merrimack College Community.

How do I deposit an article?

  • Find your department

  • Select “Submit Research” (in Author Corner area) & log in

  • Give Merrimack permission to post your paper

  • Provide your citation and upload your paper

  • Library staff will review formatting, add publisher links, and observe publishers’ embargoes, if needed

– OR --

Send the article to and library staff will deposit it for you.  What could be easier?

Research Concerning IRs

Having your scholarship available via institutional repositories often leads to increased citations of your work, according to published research.  See below for additional information regarding how open access can help increase your article citations:

We are happy to discuss with you ways to retain your author rights in order to deposit your work in MSW. Remember, make Googling yourself much more satisfying!  Make sure your work is in Merrimack ScholarWorks.

Meet our 12 Senior Student Workers!

Graduating Library Workstudy StudentsPictured above are a few of the library's friendly senior student workers.

At the end of every academic year, McQuade Library staff celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of the library’s senior student workers as they prepare to graduate and say goodbye.  Student workers play an essential role in the daily operations of the library by assisting patrons at the Help Desk, in the Media Center, and in the Educational Resources Collection (ERC).  Working closely with library staff, student workers are able to develop marketable professional skills that will serve them well as they continue their education and/or begin their professional careers.

This year, each senior student was asked to share their experience working at McQuade and their plans for the future.  McQuade Library staff thank all the seniors for their hard work and wish them well as they begin a new chapter in their lives.

Chanthida Duong (Access Services)

  • Major/Minor: Liberal Arts with concentrations in Business and Communications

  • Plans for the future: Attend graduate school in the near future.  Find a job or internship in the short term.

  • Reflection on your time working at McQuade: Working at McQuade makes me feel like I am part of a community as the library staff and other student assistants are very warm and friendly. As a student assistant, I have been able to experience a lot of different situations and learn ways to handle them, which is a great part of the job. The staff has given me advice and help whenever I have had difficulties. This is why being a student library assistant is the best experience I have had at Merrimack College as well as the best memory I want to always remember.

Elizabeth Greeley (Access Services)

  • Major/Minor: Sports management major/ political science minor

  • Plans for the future: Working in an athletic department or doing event management for a sports team/company.

  • Reflection on your time working at McQuade: Working at McQuade library has made my time at Merrimack so much better. I loved being able to meet new people and help my fellow classmates each time I went to work. I was also able to witness the construction of the old library into the new and it makes me very proud to say that I worked there.

Brandy Liljeblad (Access Services)

  • Major/Minor: English & Spanish Major

  • Plans for the future: In the future I plan to use my education in the service of humanity.

  • Reflection on your time working at McQuade: Working at McQuade Library has been a rewarding experience for me. I have enhanced my communication skills and best of all I have learned that nearly any book, film, resource etc. is accessible with the help of a McQuade Library staff member.

Ariel Valdes (Access Services)

  • Major / Minor: Major: Criminology and Women's and Gender Studies. Minor: Spanish

  • Plans for the future: Work for a year and attend some classes at other universities to get a feel of what I'd like to go to grad school for. Apply to grad school in a year. Continue being a fabulous Latina feminista.

  • Reflection on your time working at McQuade: McQuade has introduced me to a variety of people who I enjoy helping whenever I get the chance. Given that people frequent the library often around the same time, I find it nice to see the same people a lot of the time. Definitely love the morning shifts because of all the tours that pass through the library and the hopeful students who may work for McQuade when they attend Merrimack!

Courtney Gray (ERC)

  • Major/Minor: I am a double major in Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies with a minor in Biology.  

  • Plans for the future: I plan to work in the social service field for the next few years before pursuing a Master's degree in either Women's Studies or Social Work.  

  • Reflections on your time working at McQuade: I have enjoyed my time at McQuade immensely.  It is a great work environment and I can honestly say that I am sad to leave it behind.  

Ashley Costa (Media Center)

  • Major/Minor: My major is Communications and minor is Spanish.

  • Plans for the future: My hope is to work in the radio or television industry, working as a broadcaster or video producer someday.

  • Reflections on working at McQuade: I am so privileged to actually gain as much experience as I did by working in the Media Center. I gained many skills, including using Photoshop and Final Cut Pro just by assisting other students and asking Kevin Salemme for help. It has really helped me land a few internships and I will miss working there!

Amanda Fischer (Media Center)

  • Major/Minor: I am a Mass Communication Major and a Theatre Minor.

  • Plans for the future: I plan on moving back to Manhattan after graduation and pursuing a career in marketing and production involving theatre.

  • Reflections on working at McQuade: I have loved every second of working at the Media Center! I met many new people, learned many things to apply to my future career, and was taught by the best boss, Kevin Salemme, himself. I will never forget my time working at the library, and my days at the media center, as it was always a place to escape and feel welcomed no matter what.

Declan Geoffrion Scannell (Media Center)

  • Major/Minor: Major: Physics  Minor: Math and Public/Professional Writing

  • Plans for the future: Hoping to work in engineering in Boston.

  • Reflections on working at McQuade: I've always loved libraries and the jobs at McQuade are definitely the best student jobs on campus!

Kassandra Martin (Media Center)

  • Major/Minor: Major: Communications  Minor: Religious and Theological studies

  • Plans for the future: Pursuing a Masters Degree at the University of Montana in organizational communication.

  • Reflection on working at McQuade: I've learned things I would have never learned by working with Kevin Salemme. I also received skills that ensured my future education in Montana. The Media Center always gave me a place to study and a mentor to go to. That mentor being Mr. Salemme.

Nicole Meaney (Media Center)

  • Major/Minor: I am a Mass Communications major with a Public and Professional Writing minor.

  • Plans for the future: My plans for the future are to pursue my Masters of Education in Community Engagement at Merrimack College, write a novel, to be happy and visit Australia.  

  • Reflection on working at McQuade: My reflection about my time at McQuade is that working in the Media Center has been an insightful and educational experience.  As a Communication major, it is a wonderful place to work because it is a place where creativity can be explored through photography and video production.  The Media Center is one of the best places at Merrimack.  Working at the Media Center has enabled me to discover that two things I value in a future job are being creative and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Michael Romanella (Media Center)

  • Major/Minor: Major: Communications Concentration: Mass Communications

  • Plans for the future: I will be coaching at Merrimack as well as working for Media Results in Wilmington, MA.

  • Reflection on working at McQuade: My time at McQuade taught me so much. The people of McQuade are unbelievable and really help each other out in any situation. I am thankful to have worked with people like Kevin and Joe for three years and to learn as much as I have in the Media Center. Kevin is a scholar of his time and will forever be the best person I could ask to work for. I will always miss my times at McQuade but, yet, they will always be a close memory to look back on.

 Kala Coleman, who works in the Media Center, will also be graduating.