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Link to Library Resources and Services in Blackboard

Make it easy for your students to access McQuade library resources & services from within Blackboard.

If you need additional help, please call the reference desk at x4210 or email a librarian at

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Articles in a Library Database | Library Catalog and Items in the Catalog | Databases | Online Research Guides | RefWorks and NoodleBib

Articles in a Library Database

In some databases, you are able to provide a link to the full-text article; the student just clicks the link and reads.

Many subscription databases, however, use session-specific IDs, which means the URL in the top bar is often not stable.

In order to create a link to a specific article, you need to use a persistent link (also called a permalink, a persistent URL, stable URL or document URL).

Some (not all) of our databases have persistent links at the article level.
*** If the database does not offer persistent linking, you can still link to the database, provide the citation information & have your students search on their own for the article. See "Databases" Section.

Example from JSTOR database:

These links will also have to be routed through the library proxy server if you want to ensure that off-campus students will be able to read the articles.

In order for your students to access articles from OFF CAMPUS, the URL link must include a prefix for our proxy server. The proxy server prefix is:

Add the prefix in front of the stable URL.

For example, the URL to the JSTOR article above would be:

NOTE: Links within any of the EBSCOhost databases should already have the proxy prefix in the URL.

Library Catalog & Items in the Library Catalog

Library Catalog link:

You are also able to link into our web catalog and access specific books, and subject searches directly.

Please contact a librarian and we'd be happy to show you how to do this.


To link to a specific database:

1. Go to "Databases A-Z" page.

2. Right-click on the appropriate title

3. Select Copy Link Location in Firefox or Copy Shortcut in Internet Explorer

4. Go to Blackboard and create an External Link in a content area

5. Paste the URL using Ctrl + V in the blank

Online Research Guides

Course & Subject Guides


NoodleBib is online citation builder that allows students to create an MLA or APA formatted bibliography and download it as a Word document to turn in with their papers.



Use this URL to link to NoodleBib:



Note: Do not link directly to This link does not access the Library’s subscription to NoodleBib.

Also, let students know that the first time they use NoodleBib they need to create a personal folder and create a personal ID.

You may also want to link to McQuade Library's "How to Cite Sources" page at

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